From seed saving to salve making, Germinate is fully involved in the process. The Germinate Organic Body Care line is made from ethically & sustainably sourced ingredients, including wild crafted plants & herbs grown organically in Shan’s garden which are hand infused, fresh in season, in cold pressed certified organic & fair trade oils. Using fresh local herbs ensures high quality & potency, as well as an appreciation for the gifts nature provides.


Shan has decades of experience working with children, youth, adults, individuals with disabilities & people with language barriers in teaching, coaching, individual support & care environments. She was a nationally ranked athlete whose undergraduate studies were in Philosophy, French, Psychology & general arts. For the past decade, Shan has studied Reiki, Tsa Lung, Ayurveda, herbs, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Brain Gym & Polarity Therapy. Shan’s personal & vocational focus is the merging of healing, art, sustainability & community.

Shan is a self taught, multidisciplinary artist whose work stems from an intrigue of handcrafting functional & decorative objects, while being mindful of environmental impact. Her current work focuses predominantly on photography, film, functional art, wearable art & organic body care.


Through her photography, Shan centres on the resonance of nature, transitioning light, transformations & reclamation. She revisits the same locations to gather images in varying light & to capture the nuances of our world. Many images centre on the beauty in the little details found in our surroundings. Her photographs are impressions of her experiences & remain unaltered from their original format. Her collection of portraits is derived in a candid style, portraying a natural impression of each individual.


Shan's artistic works include wearable or functional pieces such as jewelry, clothing, bags, hats, lamps, tables & clocks. She employs such techniques as hand forging metal, carving & woodworking, weaving & sewing. Her intention is to create each individual component of each art piece by transforming natural, upcycled, reclaimed & found materials. While hiking or traveling, Shan collects stones, shells, seeds, feathers & wood to incorporate in her projects. If outside resources are needed, she finds sustainable alternatives. Germinate Holistic Arts is reflective of nature, growth, evolution & creating a new existence to quiescent elements.






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